Doubling Tactics for Backgammon

If you want to become a professional Backgammon player, competing and winning in the big money tourneys, then you must be willing to take the initiative. This is especially true in doubling; knowing the right time to employ it requires the proper Backgammon tactics.

When you have the doubling cube in your possession, always keep in mind that timing is of the essence. Always make sure that you only avail of it under the correct circumstances, and not just when you are trying to pad the lead or "feeling lucky". The correct Backgammon doubling strategy is to use the cube when you are near winning.

Also take into account your opponent. Has he had several good rolls? You should be able to determine his success rate on the past few games. Of course there are certain guidelines used, but if he has been having higher than average successes, then you should think twice before using it. Backgammon tactics, as you well know, can be influenced by luck.

However, this does not mean that you should be averse to taking risks in Backgammon. By incorporating bold moves in your Backgammon tactics you will be able to throw your opponent off track. This is not the same as being reckless; but by taking calculated risks you increase your chances of gaining a lead and using the doubling cube.

If your opponent has the cube, and he makes an offer, consider your position carefully. If you are in a match, then you may consider dropping to maintain your lead. However, if your position is not so bad, then you may consider taking it, or if it allowed, redouble, and see what he does with it.

There are several ways you can augment your doubling tactics, and this includes reading up. There are a wealth of books on Backgammon, as well as online tutorials and websites dedicated to the game. There are several noteworthy games you can download to hone your skills, and players you can talk to.

Always remember that possessing the cube is an edge, and that you should not go about offering it unless there is a very good reason, like you are certain to win. Countless times it has been shown that possession and proper usage can change the momentum of a Backgammon game completely.

Doubling tactics in Backgammon is something that you will come to value as you progress in your playing career. The double is not easy to master, but as you play the game, you will uncover several new ways to take advantage of it, and help you become a better competitor.

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