Detailed Backgammon Strategy; The Must Try's

So you are stuck with your same old strategy in Backgammon and you do not know how to keep the opponent from winning. Many people do not know that even a game such as Backgammon has many strategies that you can make use of and we will show you here the different strategies that Backgammon has to offer.

The most common Backgammon strategy that is used today is the Blocking strategy. In Blocking, the goal is to block the opponent's checkers with your own and you should try to form a so called prime which is a blockage that consists of six blockages in a row. The prime ensures that the opponent will not be able to get out of his current position because whatever number he rolls, nothing is higher than a six.

The next Backgammon strategy that is widely used as well is the race. The race basically means that you are racing to your base as quick as possible without even touching your opponent's checkers. Once your checkers are in your base, the goal is to remove them as quick as possible. This Backgammon strategy will not always work, especially when your opponent is determined to kick your blots out of the game.

Another Backgammon strategy which is not widely used, but very effective is the holding strategy. You have to block your opponent's base so that he has no chance of getting his checkers out of the game. Likewise, your opponent will have no chance to get his checkers into his base if you have blocked many points in his base. However good this Backgammon strategy might seem, you have to eventually move your checkers out of his base since you always have to move a checker when you roll a number with the dice.

This Backgammon strategy might even have been used by you already and it has been named the blitz. The goal of the blitz strategy is to keep the opponent from playing the game by using blockages in your base. The most effective blockage is the prime and if you are able to hold a prime in your base while you opponent has checkers on the bar, you are able to keep your opponent out of the game for a long time.

The last Backgammon strategy that you should know about is called the back game strategy. This strategy is a mixture between the blitz and holding strategy. Only use this Backgammon strategy when you are far behind in the game, because this strategy is risky and does not always end in victory. Build anchors on the opponent's base and once you have a chance at kicking your opponent to the bar, you need to build a blockage in your own base.

The Backgammon strategies can all be mastered and the type of strategy to use should be evaluated during the course of the game. Be prepared for victory when using these strategies.

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