A Look at the Different Backgammon Clubs Worldwide

The presence of numerous backgammon clubs all over the world indicates how the game has evolved and developed into one of the most favorite sport today. Many players have been in love with the beauty behind this very exciting board game. These clubs have indeed proliferated greatly in various countries spanning all the seven continents of the world.

Backgammon clubs usually hold events that would cater to the desire of every backgammon enthusiast. They also hold tournaments which help players develop their skills as well as their strategies in the game. Some of the most famous backgammon clubs today come from countries such as Japan, Australia and the U.S.

In Japan, backgammon is well loved by numerous citizens. In this country alone, several backgammon clubs exist to gather the people who love the game. Some of the most famous backgammon clubs in Japan are the Hiroshima Backgammon Club, the Roppongi Backgammon Club, and the Shonan Backgammon Club.

The Hiroshima Backgammon Club gathers players on a monthly basis to engage them in tournaments and other friendly competitions. This club welcomes even starters to give them a chance to enhance and hone their skills. They are matched with experts so that they could learn fast from these backgammon masters.

Meanwhile, the Roppongi Backgammon Club in Tokyo organizes tournaments that would offer each and every player to enjoy fully the game. They also hold money games where players can win lots of prices while enjoying backgammon. This club also caters to the needs of beginners.

The Shonan Backgammon Club in Kanagawa offers tournaments even for guests. This tournaments have a round robin format to give each and every backgammon enthusiast the opportunity to enhance their skills and strategies in the game.

Australia is not to be outdone in the field of backgammon. This country also hosts several backgammon clubs that are devoted to the proliferation of the game. One of the most popular in this country is Melbourne's Backgammon Club. Here, starters will receive expert advice from some of its regular players. This backgammon club also offers online games for everyone to enjoy.

In the U.S., one of the most renowned backgammon clubs can be found in Michigan. The Grand Rapids Backgammon Club holds a weekly meeting every Tuesdays. Backgammon enthusiasts would surely find their home at this very accommodating club.

These various backgammon clubs shows how the game has developed. No matter what the race of these players are, they will be binded continuously for their love of backgammon. These clubs have done a very good job in sharing the game of backgammon for beginners.

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