General Backgammon Tips

Backgammon is board game that is tinged with luck and skill. To play the game well, different people suggest several things. Backgammon tips are categorized for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. But whatever is your playing level the tips that follow can apply to all players.

The first thing to do in a game of backgammon is to have a game plan. Formulate a way of winning the game; include what are you main moves and how are you to deal with certain predicaments. When looking at one checker, think of the possible moves it can make and choose the best one. When your first choice cannot be done, try the alternative moves. Always remember to have a backup plan in case plan A is not working as expected. Be open to a change in plans.

Try to establish a good defense or offense at the start of the game, it is not being showy. This could advance you to bringing home those checkers. Do not be overly confident even if you are gaining. Keep blots to a minimum, four blots at most. If it is the opponent who builds a strong defense or offense, keep your mind open and be cautious. Prevent the opponent from bringing home more and more checkers.

During the game, keep from putting your checkers on low points. Do not pile them on points 1 and 2 so as to avoid restrictions in move options further in the game. Another tip is making sure the checkers are evenly distributed. It better to have two different points holding three checkers each rather than having two points containing four and two checkers respectively. You tend to be luckier if the checkers are distributed well.

Also do not be hesitant to hit. Try to hit those checkers that are advancing. If you do not know what to do next for the meantime and you can hit the opponent's checker, go for the hit. Hitting can slow your opponent down. Use your brain so that you only hit when it is advantageous to you and not otherwise. But keep in mind though that loose hitting - just because there is nothing you can think off - is less effective than setting a key point.

During the finale of the backgammon game, forget about equal distribution of the checker just remove the checkers. The winner of the game is the one who bears off all checkers.

Those tips are enough to keep you going in the game and with more likelihood of winning.

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